Revit Structure

  It includes a host of parametric structural components to dramatically speed up initial design processes and allows for multiuser access to complex models further streamlining initial design workflow, before exporting the entire or a partial analytical model to structural analysis software such as Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis or other popular Structural Design software and Analysis applications.

  Revit can be used as a very powerful collaboration tool between different disciplines in the building design sphere.

  The different disciplines that use Revit approach the program from unique perspective.


  Introduction about Revit Structure

  About Structural Element


  Structural Wall

  Structural Foundation

  Metal Deck




  Roof Creation

  Modify Sub Elements

  Model In Place

  Frame Generator

  Roof Trusses

  Wood Framing Wall

  Linking Architectural

  Setting up Structural Views

  Creating CMU Elevator Shaft

  Foundation Slabs

  Step Footing

  Column, Beam Reinforcement

  Framed Structure

  Stirrups Placing

  Creating Stairs

  Inserting AutoCAD Files

  Howe Trusses

  Truss Detailing

  Family Forms


  Structural Connections

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